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DNA Viability Test

A DNA viability test is performed on unusual samples to check for the presence of usable DNA for a paternity or other DNA tests. In paternity cases where the alleged father is missing or unavailable, we may be able to use preserved samples such as blood, hair, or other body tissues.

If you have samples that might be used in a viability test, please call to discuss this possibility with one of our consultants. He or she will tell you the probability of obtaining usable DNA from the sample, and specify a viability test fee.

You will need to provide the following information when you call:

The age and storage condition of the sample.
The size or amount of available sample.

The viability test fee is variable and depends on sample type and condition. This non-refundable fee is separate from the paternity test fee and needs to be paid before testing begins.

If the viability test reveals the presence of usable DNA, our consultants will call you to arrange sample collection for the other test participants. A standard DNA test will then proceed.

Unusual Samples :

Percentage (%) Means Rate of Success

























Please Note : Number of loci cannot be guaranteed with Unusual Samples.

DNA Testing Cost :
Please contact Us for quote.

Turnaround Time :
Differ, according to the tested samples, usually two weeks

DNA Testing: The  Advantage
DTA ( DNA Tells ) in association with DDC leads the DNA testing industry in its quality of service, which focuses on ensuring DNA test accuracy as well as a smooth experience for our clients.
All our DNA paternity testing clients, enjoy many advantages which includes

  • DualProcess™ Run each test twice using the DDC DualProcess™ which follows the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.
  • Legal Grandoarentage Test Follow a strict Chain of Custody to ensure results are legally admissible.
  • Confidentiality — Maintain confidentiality of each case using strict communication protocols
  • Affordable Prices: Keeping in mind our mission to make DNA testing accessible to all, DTA offers DNA testing services at affordable prices for our clients.


Although 16 (loci) DNA test is Industry standard for Paternity Testing.
Our Lab is quite capable to check 20 as well as 25 (loci) in all our Testing.

  Caution: Be prepared sometime Relationship test results are quite differ than your Expectations.  
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Category "A"   90% +
Category "B"   60- 90%
Category "C"  less than 60%
Category "D"  20 - 60%


Blood (any Color top)
Fresh in Cold Storage ; less than 30 days old;if frozen contact lab liaison


Blood / Semen Stain on Clothing
Includes Bandages, Gauze, and Facial Tissue Paper or Napkins


Drinking Straw


Hair with Roots
Usual hair samples with roots 7-10 pieces ; Hair cuttings without Roots can be Tested.

FTA Blood Card
Less than 30 days old.


Tissue (muscles,organs)
Depends on Age & Storage Conditions, Non-embalmed
Feminine Pad Tooth Brush
Blood on Filter Paper
Also called as Whatman, Matrix or Parchment less than 30 days old.

Dried Umbilical Cords
Must have a Reference Sample
from Mother.


Soda Can / Drinking Glass
Swab well the drinking place with Cotton Swab or send in article with stain clearly
Cigarette Buts
Fresh or Frozen; on Swab or in Vial

Cotton Swab ( ear swab)

Plastic fork / spoon
Swab well

Depends on Storage Condition / Swab inside of condom

Cotton Swab (Mouth Swab)
Do not send in Plastic. Put in Paper Envelope after Air Dried
Finger Nail Clippings
Need 5-10 clippings
Old or Coagulated blood
Includes FTA cards Spotted with Blood more than 1 month old.
Diabetic Test Strips
Need 5-6 strips

Bone Marrow
Fresh or Frozen, Marrow in Slides & in Paraffin are not Viable.

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