All DNA Relationship testing specially DNA paternity testing can be a sensitive subject.


We will not provide any results on Phone.

You will find the test results by e-mail or at your mailing address or both if you asked it at the time of returning your kit for testing purpose.

We send the Paternity Testing Kits in plain mailing envelope with our P.O. Box as the return address.
You could also drop it at our affiliate Courier service Drop Box.

At ( DNA Tells ) , we take your Confidentiality and trust seriously.

  • Confidential and Dependable Results: We understand the significance of DNA test results in adoption cases. Therefore we are committed to using the utmost discretion in delivering reliable results. You can rely on the results from a DTA DNA test. Our state-of-the-art laboratory technology provides highly accurate results, reinforced by our proprietary Dual Process. Our paternity tests often yield results above 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions and at 0% probability of paternity for exclusions. To prepare reports of these results, we work closely with governments, agencies, and other legal offices to deliver results that are compatible with their specifications and standards.




Although 16 (loci) DNA test is Industry standard for Paternity Testing.
Our Lab is quite capable to check 20 as well as 25 (loci) in all our Testing.

  Caution: Be prepared sometime Relationship test results are quite differ than your Expectations.  
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