About DNA Testing

DTA ( DNA Tells All ) provides fast, accurate, and reliable DNA Paternity, other Relationship and Forensic DNA tests not only for Pakistani clients but also for international clients from over 168 countries in Association with our Corporate partner DDC.

Results of a DNA test are often used to make life-changing decisions, either by the tested parties themselves or by those who have the authority to do so, such as a court of law or a government agency.
DDC’s Dual Process™ ensures that every test result we release is accurate and that our sample handling procedures hold up against rigorous legal examination.

DNA Testing may requires in many Purposes.

  • Gaining peace of mind from knowing the biological father or mother.

  • Proving biological family relationships for Immigration, Passport verification, and Citizenship application

  • The parents of babies that may have been mixed-up soon after birth in Hospitals.

  • Individuals that were adopted and who are trying to trace their biological parents.

  • Verifying the biological parents in adoption cases.

  • Establishing parentage and eligibility to claim inheritance, child support, or other benefits.

    • To safeguard the rightful heirs and ensure that they will inherit your estate through the exclusion of false claims on your inheritance.



Contact us.
Before Purchasing Testing Kit. Please contact us by phone or email to ask any question about our testing services.
Our customer friendly team is happy to answer any questions or doubts you may have regarding testing, with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.


Although 16 (loci) DNA test is Industry standard for Paternity Testing.
Our Lab is quite capable to check 20 as well as 25 (loci) in all our Testing.


  Caution: Be prepared sometime test results are quite differ than your Expectations.  
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About DNA Testing
About DNA Testing
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