DNA Testing Process

Although we could test DNA Testing from Blood samples, in most of the cases its painful, time consuming, not suitable for newly born Infants.
Our lab uses a painless buccal swab process to collect DNA sample from inside the participant's cheek. The swab is similar to a cotton swab, but is made of a material called Dacron, which creates a consistent surface for the cheek cells to adhere to.
As mentioned above, this collection process is painless,
quite safe to test even infants.

The DNA testing process is as easy as 1- 2- 3.

1. You are Welcome to contact us, we will assist you and provide all necessary information.
    Order directly to us or any of our affiliate organization.
    Receive the Kit via Courier Service or directly from our Affiliate Organization.

2. Swab Cheek of all testing Individuals , Return the kit.

3. Get the results via e-mail or by courier.

All DNA Relationship testing specially DNA paternity testing can be a sensitive subject.

    We will not provide any results on Phone.
    You will find the test results by e-mail or at your mailing address or both if you asked it at the time of returning your     kit for testing purpose.
    We send the Paternity Testing Kits in plain mailing envelope with our P.O. Box as the return address.
    You could also drop it at our affiliate Courier service Drop Box.
    At DTA ( DNA Tells All ) , we take your Confidentiality and trust seriously.

Although 16 (loci) DNA test is Industry standard for Paternity Testing.
Our Lab is quite capable to check 20 as well as 25 (loci) in all our Testing.

  Caution: Be prepared sometime test results are quite differ than your Expectations.  
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