Ancestry DNA Test

Paternal Lineage DNA Test - Maternal Lineage DNA Test

Y-Chromosome DNA Test

Y-chromosome DNA test is performed to determine whether two or more males are biologically related through their father's side of the family. The Y chromosome is passed from father to son and has a relatively infrequent mutation rate, thus it remains the same through many generations.

Also known as Y-STR testing, paternal lineage DNA testing can be used to verify family relationships when a male’s alleged father is unavailable for paternity testing and other family relationship DNA tests cannot be applied to the situation.

A son inherits his Y chromosome from his father, and the chromosome undergoes little or no change during this inheritance. Because of this fact, males’ Y chromosomes can be profiled and compared to verify whether the individuals are biologically related through the paternal family line. Males who are biologically related in this way will have practically identical Y-STR profiles, while males who are not related will have unique Y-STR profiles.

While Y-chromosome comparative analysis can determine whether males are paternally related, it cannot determine the nature of the relationship—whether they are father/son, uncle/nephew, grandfather/grandson, etc.

mtDNA Sequence Analysis

mtDNA sequence analysis is a valuable tool for determining whether individuals are biologically related through their mothers’ side of the family. For this reason, it is commonly referred to as a maternal lineage test .

The term mtDNA is short for mitochondrial DNA , a type of DNA that is found in the mitochondria, or energy-producing “powerhouses,” of the cells. Mitochondrial DNA is passed from a mother to her children, making it useful for tracing individuals’ maternal lineage. (While both sons and daughters inherit mtDNA from their mothers, only daughters can pass their mtDNA to their children.)

In an mtDNA maternal lineage test, the tested parties’ mtDNA is sequenced (the order of the DNA molecules in their mtDNA is determined). These sequences are then compared to determine whether or not the individuals share the same maternal line. The mtDNA sequences of maternally related individuals will have predictable similarities.

Tested Parties
Two or more individuals believe that they share the same paternal or maternal lineage

DNA Testing Cost : Peace of mind
Paternal Ancestry testing (Y-STR)               P.Rs.  13500
Maternal Ancestry Testing (mtDNA)
MtDNA sequencing, HVI, II & III                 P. Rs.  22500
Dual Lineage Test ( Y-STR and mtDNA )     P. Rs.  29500

Turnaround Time :
Paternal Ancestry testing (Y-STR)              Two weeks  
Maternal Ancestry Testing (mtDNA)            Five weeks
Dual Lineage Test ( Y-STR and mtDNA )     Five weeks

DNA Collection Kit
Collecting the DNA sample is quick and painless. Swab the buccal ( inner cheek ) of all participants.
Once you place an, we will send you a DNA sample collection kit within one business day. Testing kits are available at our Affiliate organization.

The kit will contain the following:

  • Complete instructions for collecting the DNA samples, ( Video CD describing the whole Procedure )
  • Buccal swabs and swab envelopes for the all testing individuals.
  • Business return envelope for shipping the samples back to the DTA.

DNA Testing: The  Advantage
DTA (DNA Tells ) in association with DDC leads the DNA testing industry in its quality of service, which focuses on ensuring DNA test accuracy as well as a smooth experience for our clients.
All our DNA paternity testing clients, enjoy many advantages which includes

  • DualProcess™ Run each test twice using the DDC DualProcess™ which follows the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.
  • Legal Grandoarentage Test Follow a strict Chain of Custody to ensure results are legally admissible.
  • Confidentiality — Maintain confidentiality of each case using strict communication protocols
  • Affordable Prices: Keeping in mind our mission to make DNA testing accessible to all, DTA offers DNA testing services at affordable prices for our clients.

Legal Ancestry Testing
Not Available

Additional Tested Parties
We can test additional children, alleged fathers / mother if needed; there is a DNA testing and analysis fee of P. Rs. 10950/= for each additional tested party. The additional tested parties need to be added to the case during setup (before the testing process is started in the laboratory).

For the associated fees, please review our fee schedule.

Although 16 (loci) DNA test is Industry standard for Paternity Testing.
Our Lab test 20 (loci) in all our Testing, a New standard in DNA Testing.

Caution: Be prepared sometime Relationship test results are quite differ than your Expectations.
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